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Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

Each Redlands Unified High School provides online Credit/Grade recovery both during the school day and after school.  Please contact the counselor at your attending high school for a referral.

The orientation presentation can be found HERE.

Credit Recovery allows students who received a failing grade in a class to recover lost credits for graduation by re-taking the full course in an online environment.

Grade Recovery allows students who received a "D" grade to re-take a course for the purpose of raising the grade, improving GPA and increasing college admission opportunities.

Key Information

  • Registration priority will be given to incoming seniors to satisfy college entrance requirements or to improve GPA. Due to limited space, juniors will be accepted only after seniors, and then sophomores may be enrolled if there is space available.
  • Students must attend their assigned weekly sessions until they have successfully completed 5 units (required to earn a grade for a one semester course).  
  • Students must complete all assignments with a minimum of 70% correct or better in order to improve their grade.
  • All unit exams must be taken in the computer lab.
  • Students must have access to a computer with internet available for use outside of the classroom time.
  • District transportation will not be provided.

School Rules

  • All Redlands Unified School District behavior rules and guidelines are in effect.
  • Students must follow all District dress code regulations that apply during the regular school year.
  • No food or drinks (except bottled water) will be allowed in the computer lab.

Violation of any school, district, or Ed. Code policies will be cause for implementation of disciplinary procedures, including, but not limited to, suspension and/or a possible recommendation for expulsion and immediate removal from the program.